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Green Reactions Presents: Think green! (or not...)
Heather Tanner (MA student, University of York), Nur Suhaili Ramli (PhD candidate, University of York), Jean-Paul Skeete (PhD candidate, University of York), Michaela Smith (PhD candidate, University of York)

Event details

Growing up your parents may have told you to think before you speak or before you do something you might later regret. But do you? Do you think about your actions before you throw something out, before you drive your car a short distance instead of walking/cycling, before you buy one product over another, etc? What is the first thing on your mind when making that decision? Is it money, your health, the environment, etc?

The presenters from the University of York will be discussing how humans have interacted with the environment, discussing the results of the decisions people make which impact the environment, the possible decision processes that resulted in these behaviours, and the underlying ideas which may have propelled people to make these decisions.

Speakers biography

Heather Tanner is currently studying for a MA in Landscape Archaeology at the University of York.

Nur Suhaili Ramli is currently studying for a PhD in Management (3rd Year) at the University of York, specialising in the business history of cosmetics brand.

Jean-Paul Skeete currently PhD candidate in Environment and Politics at the University of York. Michaela Smith BASc Environment, MSc Epidemiology, is currently in first year of PhD in Health Sciences and Environment at the University of York. Her research focuses on linking health and environmental behaviours.


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