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Fake or fact - can you tell the difference? RESULTS

Thank you to the 118 respondents who participated in the survey. 

Q1+2 - 76% of people saw the news story entitled 'Donald Trump picks millionaire oil boss with close links to Vladimir Putin as Secretary of State' and 77% of people think this story true. 

Q3, 4+5 - Only 8% of respondents are not a member of any social networks but broadcast news and newspapers are the primary source of news for 77% of people. 

Q6 - 60% of people said that half or more of their Facebook friends shared the same political views as themselves. 

Q7 - 69% are very confident that they could tell the difference between a fake news story and a real news story. 

Q8 - 51% of people are very worried about the effects of fake news. 

Q9 - 65% of survey respondents believe that we need more 'fact checking' sites to monitor the claims made by public figures or news organisations. 

Q10 - 65% of people are unsure whether enough is being done to tackle fake news.