Festival archive

From just 20 events in 2011, York Festival of Ideas has grown into a fortnight packed full of talks, workshops, exhibitions and performances. Explore previous years' festivals and find out about past events.


2016: Tick Tock

With over 180 events to organise in 2016, time was of the essence!


2014: Order and Chaos

From careful cartography to the turmoil of war, our 2014 festival explored humanity's Jekyll-and-Hyde nature.


2012: Metamorphoses

In 2012 the Festival returned to explore change in the city and the world.


2015: Secrets and Discoveries

In 2015, we explored the murky world of security and surveillance and asked the dead to give up their secrets.


2013: North and South

In 2013 we explored diverse themes ranging from economy and equality to science at the poles.


2011: pilot

Our very first Festival of Ideas attracted more than 8,000 people to over 20 events across the city.