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At the Existentialist Café
Sarah Bakewell

  • Wednesday 8 June 2016, 6.00PM to 6:50pm
  • Free admission
    Booking required
  • K/133, King's Manor, Exhibition Square (map)
  • No wheelchair access

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What is it to be free?  Do we have a fixed nature or can we be anything we choose?  If we are free to shape our world, how do we want that world to be?  Such questions inspired the Existentialists, an adventurous group of philosophers and novelists whose story reached from the dark years of interwar Germany to the exciting Paris of the 1950s - and beyond. 

Join author Sarah Bakewell as she talks about her book At the Existentialist Café. Tracingthis epic tale of ideas and personalities, Sarah asks what the Existentialists might have to offer us today, as we confront questions of identity and freedom in a complex, high-tech world.

About the speaker

Sarah Bakewell was a teenage existentialist, having been swept off her feet by reading Sartre's Nausea at the age of sixteen. She is the author of three biographies, including How to Live: A Life of Montaigne, which won the Duff Cooper Prize and the USA National Book Critics’ Circle Award and was shortlisted for the Costa Biography Award.


The book will be available to buy from the Waterstones' stall at this event.


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