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Criminal: Why People do Bad Things
Tom Gash

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  • Tuesday 14 June 2016, 6.30PM to 7:20pm
  • Free admission
    Booking required
  • Ron Cooke Hub, University of York (map|getting to campus)
  • Wheelchair accessible

Event details

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Tom Gash’s new book Criminal promises to change the way you think about why people do bad things. In his talk, Tom shares the central ideas of his book, exposes popular myths about crime, and discusses the path to a safer world.

The event explores how patterns of crime have changed over the past century across the developed world, the origins of anti-social behaviour in childhood, and the successes and flaws of modern criminal justice systems. Tom will discuss the difficulties of achieving a more rational approach to crime reduction, drawing on his experience as a crime adviser in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit in the mid-2000s and his time attempting to influence government policy as Director of Research at the Institute for Government.

Tom argues that our attachment to old theories of crime leads us to neglect the simple steps that individuals, criminal justice practitioners and policymakers can take to transform our levels of safety and wellbeing.

The event will include time for questions and discussion.

About the speaker

Tom Gash advises and writes on crime policy and government effectiveness. He is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government, a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the London School of Economic’s Mannheim Centre for Criminology, and an expert advisor with the Boston Consulting Group, where he started his career.

Tom’s work on crime policy draws on his time as an adviser in the UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit in the mid-2000s, as well as his subsequent research which persuaded him that popular beliefs about crime are often mistaken. His new book, Criminal (Penguin, Allen Lane) aims to change the way people think about crime and its causes by sharing the best and latest research in entertaining ways. For more information please see


The book will be available to buy from the Waterstones' stall at this event.


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