In 2024, more than half the world’s population will go to the polls - 4.2 billion citizens across approximately 65 countries. With so many, as yet unknown results, what will these elections mean for the world order and global security? What would Trump 2.0 look like? Will disinformation campaigns affect these results?

In a year that is also the 75th anniversary of NATO and the People’s Republic of China, and 30 years since the first post-apartheid democratic election was held in South Africa, where will the global power and alliances shift? Join us as we delve into the geopolitical dynamics of countries such as the US, Russia, India, South Africa and the UK, and discuss the safety of elections as well as the future of democracy itself.

These Festival Focus events are presented in collaboration with the Morrell Centre for Legal and Political Philosophy, which is generously supported by the C and JB Morrell Trust.

Sunday 9 June