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York City Centre (map)

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Delve into York’s dark past with this self-guided podcast walking tour and prepare to view the city’s buildings, landmarks, people and places in a new light. Starting at Walmgate Bar - where in the 14th century heads of executed criminals were displayed - the trail reveals York’s hidden history of crime, justice and punishment.

You can download the York Crime Walk podcast on:

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Please search for York Crime Walk in your preferred app. You’ll also need to download a map to accompany the walk, which starts at Walmgate Bar and ends at York Minster.

Please note: Always be aware of your surroundings if listening to the audio on headphones while outside. Parts of the tour may include crossing roads and listening should always take place in pedestrianised areas.

About York Crime Walk

The York Crime Walk  was designed and created by a diverse group of criminologists and sociologists from the University of York as a way of promoting understanding of criminology and criminal justice. It is supported by the University of York’s Department of Sociology, CrimNet and the Research Centre for Social Sciences (ReCSS); York Museum Trust; and York Archaeological Trust.