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Seeing the Wood and the Trees

Inside Holgate WindmillCredit: Holgate Windmill Preservation Society/Nick Ansell
  • Saturday 11 June 2016, 11.00AM to 4pm
  • Free to HWPS members; Adults £3; Children 5-18 £1.
  • Holgate Windmill (map)
  • No wheelchair access

Event details

Holgate Windmill logo

When Holgate Windmill was built in 1770, most of the internal milling equipment was made of wood. In the mid-19th century the mill was radically ‘modernised’ using cast-iron instead of wood for much of the machinery. However, there is still a lot of wood – some old, some new – in the restored mill and each function requires specific woods, with particular properties. Come and learn about the trees and the woods that do all these different jobs in a windmill.

Holgate Windmill

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Travel: Catch the No.1 bus to Holgate Methodist Church or park on Acomb Road.  

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