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Secrets of the Chocolate City

Secrets of the Chocolate City
  • Saturday 13 June 2015, 11.00AM to 12.00pm; 12.00pm to 1.00pm; 1.00pm to 2.00pm; 2.00pm to 3.00pm
  • Free admission
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  • Mansion House, St Helens Square (map)



Event details

Why was York at the centre of the chocolate industry? Uncover the secrets, collaboration and discoveries of York’s chocolate families as the race for milk chocolate began and put York at the centre of a world class Chocolate and Confectionery industry.

Hosted at York Mansion House there will be a range of hands-on activities for families throughout the day from trying your hand at working in a chocolate factory to making your own chocolate using chocolate’s best-kept recipe secrets.

The event hosted at York Mansion House and led by students from the University of York, York Cocoa House and The Rowntree Society.

This event is accredited as an activity through York Children’s University (CU). York CU promotes participation in fun, quality and innovative experiences outside of the school day. Children aged 5-14 with a CU passport can gain one sticker for this event.

The project will uncover recipes and records from the Borthwick Institute to be creatively interpreted to share lessons from York’s industrial past. The chocolate industry has notoriously been immersed in secrecy as recipes have been impossible to patent, there are therefore exciting stories of industrial espionage, collusion and drastic steps to keep recipes and processes secret, while it is the more collaborative approaches of Rowntree and Cadbury and their relationship as Quakers in the society of friends that lead to some of the greatest industrial discoveries and collaborations.

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