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The Synod of Whitby (664) and its ramifications in Northumbria
Speaker: Clare Stancliffe

Whitby AbbeyWhitby Abbey
  • Monday 17 June 2013, 7.00PM
  • Free admission
    Booking required, see below for tickets
  • St Helen's Church (view map)

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The seventh century was a crucial period for the formation of the Christian kingdom of Northumbria. The second half of that century was also a period of controversy, although that is partially masked by Bede's account. In this lecture we will be exploring the significant issues at stake that lay behind the seemingly arcane debate about whether Irish/British or Continental Easter practice should be followed. These issues had a bearing on such important topics as the relationship of Deira to Bernicia and the creation of a unified kingdom of Northumbria, and on the question of whether or not continuity with the Christianity of the Irish missionaries and continuing British communities should be pursued, and what the repercussions were.


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