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Theme - Science at the Poles Day

Find out about the science of our poles and what they tell us about the rest of the world. All events are free to attend but require tickets.

Past events

Exploring the Poles: Above, in and below the snow

5pm, 20 June, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York

The Polar regions are a rich resource for science. Join three scientists from York and the British Antarctic Survey whose research takes place above, in and below the snow, to explore climate change, microbes and life in Antarctic sub-glacial lakes.

Polar science: History, modern research and film-making

6.30pm, 20 June, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York

Scientists have long looked to the Polar regions to find answers to complex global questions, but what conclusions did they reach? What is the reality of Antarctic research today? And how easy is it to explain this to the viewing public in programmes such as Frozen Planet? Polar experts and an academic advisor to the BBC series discuss.

Exhibition: Viewing the polar worlds

17-25 June

Spectacular images from recent research in the Antarctic and from the academic advisor to the BBC Frozen Planet series are showcased in the University of York’s stunning 3Sixty exhibition space.