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Theme: Maps and Exploration

Explorers discover, whilst maps order the unknown world, both dispelling the myths of flat worlds and savages, but how helpful are they in eliminating the chaos of confusion? Join us to look at when maps go wrong, the excitement of exploration and fascinating projects on creating maps for the visually impaired.

What's on


Navigating America: Travels in literature and cartography

Join Anne-Marie Evans and Fraser Mann to explore America’s vast and varied landscape and share your own experiences of navigating America


Lies, Damned Lies - and Maps

Join a map expert and authors for a fascinating journey of decoding the messages and the meanings in a multitude of maps, from the ancient world through to the digital age


The Moor: Lives landscape literature

Author, William Atkins, will take you on a deeply personal journey across Britain’s moorland, our nation’s most forbidding and most mysterious terrain


The Modern Explorers

Explorer, Robin Hanbury-Tenison will give a unique insight into what it is actually like to be on an expedition with his stories about contemporary explorers

Throughout the Festival


York Tactile Mapping Project

Saturday 14 to Wednesday 18 June, 11am - 3pm

The community-led York Tactile Mapping Project comprises three historic maps of the city that illustrate York’s evolution; created by young archaeologists, the maps can be explored by touch as well as sight