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Who Holds the Secrets?
Lizzi Linklater, Creative Writing Fellow, Centre for Lifelong Learning Tutor, University of York

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  • Thursday 11 June 2015, 10.00AM to 12.00am
  • Free admission
    Booking required Please call 01904 328473 for additional details.
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  • J/P/001, James College (map)


Wheelchair accessible.

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University of York

In every story someone is in possession of information that may not be known to others. Someone holds relevant information and therefore carries power in the narrative.  Think of Macbeth. Who, in this gripping Shakespearean drama, knows who has murdered King Duncan? The rest of the players? Lady Macbeth? The audience?  Or, take Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl with its ghastly account of a marriage and not one but two unreliable narrators; which of them can we believe?  Or, of Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, where the person holding the secrets builds to an especially shocking revelation.  Who then, as we come to write fiction, is in possession of the secrets? Is it the main character? Is it everyone except the main character? Is it a watchful observer?  Is it the reader? Lizzi Linklater leads a workshop that explores how writers build characterisation and plot information into their stories. This is a practical workshop suitable for writers of any experience. Be prepared to write!

About the Speaker

Lizzi Linklateris a performing poet who is part of the Sounds Lyrical Project, a collaboration with poets and composers. As Teaching Fellow in Creative Writing at the University of York, she collaborates with physicists, historians, medical practitioners and artists and is lead tutor on the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing. She has been writer in residence in York schools, runs writers’ support groups and puts on literary events.  She has published in Dream Catcher, Lives Remembered, Making Memories, Connect to Science and Water in the Well.

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