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In Fog and Falling Snow

In Fog and Falling Snow
  • Friday 26 June 2015, 7.30PM
  • £16 - £22 (£1 transaction fee per booking). Please call 01904 623568 for additional details.
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  • National Railway Museum (map)


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Running from 26 June to 11 July

Mid 1840s. York. The British nation sets a course to dominate the world, driven by the sweat of the people and the power of steam.

Dragon-like, the hot engine forces steam through valves and pistons. The train races into the night, whilst snow falls thick and fast over the moors. The passengers are thrilled to experience speed for the first time in their lives.  The driver strains to see into the thick night, and no one knows what horrors the future holds.

As George Hudson sets forth on his journey to build the great East Coast rail network at any cost, the people who build it, along with investors and passengers are caught up in the reckless extravagance of his great adventure.  The cost is high for all involved.  As they place their bets on the future and the wheel of fortune rolls from the station towards the dark night, only the driver’s daughter sees the danger ahead.

Told by a cast of over 200, audiences will move through the National Railway Museum’s collections and end up in a new purpose built theatre.  Experience an amazing story brought vividly to life by the people of York.

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