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Anne Frank: A history for today

Monday 5 - Sunday 11 June

By placing the complex historical events of the Holocaust against the backdrop of the life of one inspirational young person, the exhibition enables us to grasp the human consequences of persecution and war.

Genders of Indian Music

Tuesday 6 - Sunday 18 June

Presented by the Asian Music Circuit, the exhibition looks at divine and human musicians, how music is seen as being feminine or masculine, gendered musical spaces, contesting gender, and the impact of colonisation and globalisation.

Fragments of the Medieval World

Tuesday 6 - Sunday 18 June

Many key documents for the medieval period survive as small fragments or as orphaned items with no wider context. Reasons for their destruction vary from the English Reformation and the breakup of large estates, to the effects of natural disasters and past administrative carelessness. Their story is one of chance survival and of changes in attitudes to what they say and show, following lives spent obscured and in hiding.

People in Changing Places: Images from Urbanising Asia

Tuesday 6 - Sunday 18 June

Join us for a photographic exhibition of the work of Richard Friend, who presents a series of images from across Thailand, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam and Myanmar. Featuring different interwoven stories, the exhibition addresses a common theme of people in the face of rapid change.

3Sixty exhibits

Tuesday 6 - Sunday 18 June

Look out for our special digital exhibitions following talks in our immersive, interactive display space at the Ron Cooke Hub. We will be using the space to showcase some of the amazing imagery that will be highlighted in some of our events!

Susan Aldworth: The Dark Self

Wednesday 7 June - Sunday 3 September

The Dark Self exhibition by artist Susan Aldworth features prints, installation, moving image and sculptures, all exploring the mystery of what happens to the ‘self’ during deep sleep. 

EborObjects: A York story in things

Saturday 17 - Sunday 18 June

This self-guided exhibition tells a story of York in some of its famous and lesser-known objects. Like the BBC and British Museum’s History of the World in 100 Objects, a series of specially created poems, flash fiction and other writing together tell 'a story of endless connections'.