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The Lifeboat That Saved the World
Irving Finkel

  • Monday 11 June 2018, 5.00PM to 6.00pm
  • Free admission
    Booking required
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  • 3Sixty, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York (map|getting to campus)
  • Wheelchair accessible

Event details

Based on an ancient Mesopotamian story, the children’s book The Lifeboat That Saved the World retells the tale of a man charged with saving the world from a life-destroying flood.

Join Irving Finkel, the bestselling author of The Ark Before Noah and Assistant Keeper of Ancient Mesopotamian artefacts at the British Museum, for an exhilarating look into the past. Learn about the ancient origins of this famous story and how Irving discovered and deciphered the text from 4000-year-old clay tablets.

About the speaker

Dr Irving Finkel is Assistant Keeper of Ancient Mesopotamian script, languages and cultures at the British Museum, London. In the course of his work, he discovered a cuneiform tablet that contained a flood narrative similar to the story of Noah’s ark in the Bible, described in his bestselling book for adults, The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood (Hodder).  His other books include The Writing in the Stone (Medina Press) and The Lifeboat That Saved the World (Thames and Hudson).


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